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One of the UK's Largest Manufacturers and Suppliers of Agricultural Animal Feeds

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Lloyds Animal Feeds is the leading independent animal food producer in the country.
The Company philosophy, is to provide customers with the exact specification feed they need to maximise their profitability in the market place, to this effect many customers have individual customised diets produced specifically for themselves.

There is an ‘in-house’ commercial division responsible for sourcing raw materials and liaising with customers to create specific, individually formulated diets after discussion with the customer, through the Sales Manager.

There are six sales managers spread across the country providing a sales and service role to customers and in some instances customers sell their home produced wheat to the company, which is collected on a back-load basis which again reduces costs.


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Lloyds currently has four mills spread from Langport in the South, one in Shropshire, one in Clwyd at Wrexham and one at Darlington in the North.

The Darlington Mill, being the latest acquisition, has just completed a two million pounds re-fit to bring it up to the very highest of standards.

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